Edge Computing for machine builders: the Breton case

Elimination of unplanned downtime, business continuity, time-to-market reduction and virtualization thanks to the Stratus ztC Edge solution integrated in Breton’s new generation stone processing machines

Milan — May 20, 2021 — Preventing unexpected downtime and guaranteeing business continuity for customers: these were some of the needs of Breton, a leading company in the design and production of cutting-edge industrial machines and plants for the production and processing of stones engineered, natural stones and metals. To meet these and other needs, Breton has relied on solutions from Stratus Technologies, a global leader in the supply of platforms for Edge Computing.

The challenges to be overcome were different.  It was very important for Breton to equip new machines with redundancy options to ensure operational continuity especially for customers who use them for mission critical operations where unplanned downtime is unacceptable. Another goal was to develop an approach to Edge Computing that reduced design and configuration times. Breton also wanted an industrial edge architecture to be installed at the production level to allow operations teams to implement and manage the edge computing solution without having to involve the IT department.

This is where Wonderware Italia, distributor of solutions of Stratus and AVEVA as well as long-time partner of Breton, comes into play which, offering an operation technology (OT) oriented solution that combines Stratus’s AVEVA System Platform and ztC Edge software, met Breton’s need by providing the development team with a complete, simple, secure and autonomous Edge Computing solution that was also efficient and easy to implement.

The use of Stratus’ ztC Edge platform makes it possible:

  • Guaranteeing business continuity by offering a redundancy capacity that automatically recovers from any failure, avoiding production downtime and data loss;
  • Reducing installation and preparation times and therefore reduce time-to-market;
  • Offering integrated virtualization to run multiple applications on a single processing platform;
  • Installing the solution directly in an electrical cabinet as an integral part of the machine itself.

“The Stratus ztC Edge platform has provided Breton with greater flexibility to integrate IIoT applications into their machines,” comments Giacomo Ghidini, Stratus Country Manager. “Thanks to ease of use, Breton can now quickly transform new features for its machines with faster time-to-market, thus offering their customers a simple and reliable solution. Stratus’s integrated virtualization has also provided faster provisioning and more efficient application management. ”

Full case study available here.

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