Ensuring 5 Nines Uptime (99.999%) of System Availability for Critical Applications Stratus Uptime Meter

The Uptime MeterSM measures the total availability of Stratus fault-tolerant server systems worldwide. We calculate the actual system availability – uptime and downtime – of every customer’s servers every day – and publish it here. You can’t get better availability any other way. Our numbers prove it.

Worldwide uptime meter of Stratus servers

What Does Always-On Availability Mean to You?

“Uptime” or “Availability” is the percentage of time that a system is fully operational. For example, if a system operates for only 100 hours per week, its availability is 100/168 = 60%.

Availability is normally expressed in 9’s.  For example, “5 nines uptime” means that a system is fully operational 99.999% of the time — an average of less than 6 minutes downtime per year. The chart shows what impact various availability levels have on your server downtime.

Can you survive several hours of downtime every year?  Each hour costs the average business $163,674.14* — and yours could be more.

Availability Level  Average Yearly Downtime
Conventional Server 99% 87 hours, 40 minutes
Public Cloud Service 99.5%
 43 hours, 50 minutes
8 hours, 46 minutes
High-Availability Cluster 99.95% 4 hours, 23 minutes
Virtual Fault Tolerance 99.995%  26 minutes, 18 seconds
Continuous Availability
The Stratus Zone
 5 minutes, 16 seconds
31.6 seconds

High availability is easier than you ever thought possible

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Calculating Server Availability

The total availability of all ftServer Systems is computed and updated daily based on all identified service incidents of any duration for all supported ftServer systems worldwide, during the preceding 6-month period.

  • Both hardware-related and software-related incidents are included in this availability measurement. Outages due to customer activity such as planned service, testing, or debugging are not included.
  • Identified downtime incidents are those logged by our 24/7/365 proactive availability monitoring or reported by customers.
  • The resulting number is posted daily on the Stratus home page and on this page.

Note: The Uptime Meter reflects a mathematical consolidation of all operational systems; however, the actual availability of any particular system may differ.