About Stratus

Digital Transformation by Delivering
Zero Touch Edge Computing

Our Vision

Creating Edge Solutions to Simplify and Protect a Connected World

Edge computing solutions in the context of digital transformation is a significant, growing market opportunity. But this transformation is fundamentally based on data. Today, data and insights achieved through analytics is a hypercritical business asset for maintaining pace with technological change and maintaining competitive advantage. Edge computing solutions play a critical role in this, as data and analytics serve greater advantage at the Edge. Keeping the Edge protected and simple is of paramount importance to the industry.

The foundation of our vision

Our Solution is Simple
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Easy to manage
  • Single button ‘restore’ capability
Our Solution is Protected
  • Seamless failover
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Cybersecurity
It’s Autonomous
  • Self-healing
  • Automated administration
  • Remotely managed

Our Mission

To be the Partner of Choice for Digital Transformation by Delivering Zero Touch Edge Computing

Our growth will be achieved through an increased focus on Partners. Strategic GTM and Alliance partners will be the priority.

Our Value Proposition

We provide the Edge computing infrastructure that is…

  • Simple and easy to deploy,

  • Protected from threats and interruptions, and

  • Operates Autonomously

Simple, Protected, Autonomous

For customers considering a digital transformation with projects that require local processing, cybersecurity or low latency, Stratus ztC is a converged Edge Computing stack that is simple to deploy and manage, protected from threats of interruption and automated to reduce the burden on IT and OT. We minimize complexity and the need for significant IT involvement.

Our Values

A company’s values are the sum of its behaviors at every level in the organization

Customer Focus has always been a lynchpin of Stratus’ success and much of our brand and reputation in the marketplace reflects that important value. Leadership will be an important value as we emerge in the market place as thought leaders who are not only responding to requirements but helping to define them.

Customer Focus

We measure our success by our customers’ success

  • Ensuring that our products and services drive customer value and loyalty
  • Being a trusted advisor to our customers
  • Delivering outcomes that exceed expectations


We are transforming the way industry thinks about the future

  • Establishing Stratus as thought leaders and influencers in the marketplace
  • Executing today with an eye on next generation solutions
  • Focusing on simplicity and impact


We discover, own and drive the actions that produce results

  • Seeking out new and different ways of doing things
  • Embracing change and challenging the status quo
  • Anticipating and responding to change in a way that drives growth


We involve, incorporate and invest in the best ideas

  • Speaking up for what is right and valuing the insights of others
  • Sharing ideas, information and knowledge to grow our business
  • Building cross-functional relationships to drive results

Respect People

Being candid, celebrating, and caring for our most important assets – our people.

  • Being transparent and truthful – speaking up if something is wrong.
  • Value work and life balance while caring for each other.
  • Celebrating successes and having fun.