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Dispatches from the Edge – ARC Industry Forum, Orlando 2017

2.24.2017IA, IIoTBy:   Dr. Peter Martin of Schneider Electric is calling it a whiteboard moment. Time to get out the erasers and start over. And maybe he’s right – the models and metaphors that defined the industrial automation space for at least a generation are being challenged. The classic hierarchical Purdue reference…

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Connecting Legacy into an IIoT World

2.16.2017IA, IIoT, VirtualizationBy:   Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel at the ARC Industry Forum in Orlando. The topic du jour was OT and IT convergence and a common thread amongst the discussion was how an organization can move to IIoT. Are there new architectures? Is IIoT a…

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How Much Does Downtime Cost Your Organization?

2.8.2017Cost of Downtime, Fault ToleranceBy:   Across the spectrum of industries, one thing all companies agree on is that the cost of unplanned downtime is quite substantial. The vexing question is how much? Surprisingly, a survey of operations people found that 71% of respondents admitted their company is not tracking downtime cost with any quantifiable…

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Major Gas Pipeline Company Boosts Safety, Reduces Costs

2.2.2017Fault Tolerance, IABy:   When it comes to utilities, we as consumers find interruptions to electricity, heat, water, and phone service as extremely disruptive and even dangerous. For utility providers, the impact of such outages also is severe when it comes to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and liability risks. In the natural gas…

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IIoT Hot Buttons for 2017

1.9.2017IIoTBy:   In our 35-plus years of providing continuous availability solutions for enterprises, we’ve seen only a handful of technology shifts that you could call “seismic.” The globalization of eCommerce was a big one that was transformational for mission critical infrastructures. At Stratus, we believe that the next big transformation –…

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Proven Approaches to OT Modernization: How to Modernize with Sustainable Return

12.21.2016IABy:   Continuous improvement has been a theme in the industrial space since the second part of the last century. It’s not just a sound management philosophy – quite naturally, additional efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility go a long way to adding value in processes that are repeatable and continuously running –…

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Unplanned downtime continues to be a huge vulnerability with today’s applications

12.12.2016Cost of Downtime, Fault ToleranceBy:   Organizations today expect their applications to be continuously available. Their businesses depend upon it. But what happens when unplanned downtime occurs? Productivity declines. Data is lost. Brand reputations are impacted. There is potential for regulatory fines. Revenue is lost. With these types of impacts organizations must be taking steps…

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Accelerating Performance Improvements in the Industrial Sector through Modernized Operational Technology (OT)

12.6.2016IABy:   The pursuit of efficiency and the avoidance of unplanned downtime have always been primary operational goals in industrial plants. There are a number of pressing market demands prompting plant operators to seek upgrades to their operational foundation. First and foremost, such upgrades are geared to deliver increased productivity. Modernizing…

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Peace of Mind for Pinellas County Utilities with Always-On Industrial Control Systems

11.30.2016IABy:   Lately, people have been asking more questions about the safety and reliability of their water supply. That’s because recent incidents of system contamination such as the crisis in Flint, Michigan and storm damage from hurricanes Matthew and Sandy have thrust water and wastewater issues into the public eye. And…

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Modern Water Control Systems Boost Public Safety, Plant Efficiency

11.23.2016Industrial Automation, ManufacturingBy:   Water is getting a lot of attention lately. Whether it’s contaminated water in Flint, Michigan or environmental impact from hurricane-damaged wastewater facilities, incidents like these raise serious questions about safety and reliability. That’s where industrial automation systems, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), historians, and human machine…

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