How to Lay the Foundation to Modernize Water/Wastewater Control Systems

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While complete infrastructure upgrades are long, expensive projects, modern tech and automation systems can yield important improvements. SCADA systems assets are at the heart of these improvements and must be protected from unplanned downtime or data loss in order to realize the full benefit that these upgrades can offer.

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Continuous Uptime in Water Treatment

How Much Unplanned Downtime for Water Treatment Systems is Acceptable?

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Welcome back to the second blog in the series relating to a recent Twitter poll we launched to gauge industry audience insights and sentiments in specific Industrial Automation (IA) sectors.  These IA vertical markets include Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, and Water & Wastewater.  As a reminder, we had just over 32,000 individuals engage with us on their understanding of their industry’s organizational strategies and plans.

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Disney's Critical Water System

Scenic and Critical Water Systems at Shanghai Disney Stay Safe with Stratus

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Imagine annually hosting 25 million theme park visitors that expect a magical and safe experience and the public health consequences if water contamination occurred at the site. That’s why Shanghai Disney Resort, the newest and largest Disney theme park in Asia, takes no chances. They run their water monitoring and control systems on Stratus continuous availability solutions.

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