Server Virtualization

Five IT/OT Essentials for Control Systems Projects with Cloud and Edge Computing

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When developing complex digital strategies to achieve successful IoT initiatives and control system projects, the convergence of OT and IT processes is essential. To align OT and IT processes and reduce risks for more effective industrial computer projects, some factors should be considered.

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Human Error

How Do I Prevent Human Error During Complex Software Implementations?

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In 1991, twelve million people in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and San Francisco were unable to make or receive phone calls when service was sporadically disrupted between June 26 and July 2. This was a time when second generation cell phones were just hitting the market, so many of those without phone service had no backup option. Having no access to a telephone line impacted profits as workdays were disrupted, and public safety as there was no way to call emergency services.

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Preserving In-Flight Data

Why Is Preserving In-Flight Data So Vital?

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Stratus’s Downtime Prevention Buyer’s Guide, explains that the reason downtime negatively impacts all this rich, in-flight data is because, “When a system outage occurs all data and transactions not yet written to disk are at risk of being lost or corrupted.” This means data that could be used to predict and prevent future catastrophes may be lost forever.

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Calculating the Cost of Downtime

How Can I Recover Faster?

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How do you safeguard your organization and the customers that rely on its accessibility? When you are working with an availability solutions vendor, it’s important to establish which system will provide the fastest recovery time. Or best yet, which system will ensure that your customers don’t even realize the car has crashed when your server goes down.

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Unexpected Downtime

How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

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There was a point in our history when experiencing unexpected downtime was considered unavoidable. Back in 1996, the primary internet provider AOL, went offline for 19 hours. The outage inconvenienced more than 6 million subscribers and was a wake-up call for organizations that had come to depend on the connectivity to earn money. So how do you make sure downtime, the thing that is never supposed to happen, never does happen? Start by asking the right questions before making any initial purchases or upgrades to your system.

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