Automated Uptime Layer for ftServer: Proactive System Monitoring & Availability Management

Take the worry out of uptime assurance

This brochure describes system monitoring with the Automated Uptime Layer which detects, isolates, and resolves faults before they cause downtime.

What our automated uptime layer does for your business

  • Prevents hardware and software problems from causing downtime
  • Rides through faults automatically so your mission-critical applications don’t miss a beat
  • Reduces risk of human error
  • Prevents outages from causing data loss and corruption – we even protect in-memory data
  • Detects, analyzes, handles, and reports events to Stratus service experts
  • Captures data for root-cause analysis, so you get fast, permanent solutions to issues
  • Ensures uptime for Microsoft® Windows
  • Server® and Hyper-V® , VMware® vSphere™ and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating environments
  • Works seamlessly with your existing applications and system management tools

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