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Making Things Too Easy

Published on December 2, 2010 By Dan.Danz

The OpenVOS Operating System provides a high-level Application Programming Interface (API) that on the whole makes programming the system easy.  But sometimes, it becomes too easy – because a simple subroutine call to an s$… routine might hide a lot of complexity.  This is the first of an irregular series of posts to call your [...]

VOS Release Information, Now On The Web

Published on April 21, 2010 By Dan.Danz

You may now find Operating System Release Information for VOS and OpenVOS Systems on the Stratus web site (www.stratus.com).  Look for it in the left navigation bar on many of the pages. One such place is on the left side of the Support & Documentation page. What you’ll get is a table much like this (which might be updated by [...]

Securing PreLogin Internal Commands

Published on April 21, 2010 By Dan.Danz

Paul Green and I were discussing a new command he’s working on called check_module_security. The subject of unnecessary commands available at the login prompt came up. Jon Schmidt of Transaction Design recommends in an article about Locking the Barn Door. Internal Commands: display_current_module (prelogin) list_modules (prelogin) display_date_time (prelogin) list_systems (prelogin) display_line (prelogin) login (prelogin) If [...]

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