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Here is a short list of useful enhancements to OpenVOS that have been suggested by our customers. I’m interested in learning which of these ideas you think would be the most useful to you and your organization. I can’t promise that we will implement any of them, but knowing the relative popularity of them would be helpful to me as I evaluate them. This list is not in any particular order at the moment.

  • set command_status nonzero when display -match fails to find a match.
  • have a way to truncate the output of attach_default_output at a specified line width.
  • teach the system to automatically change time zones twice a year.
  • allow an unprivileged user to run the unbundle command macro with the -keep_dates argument.
  • add a command function to return or query a set of command/object/include library pathnames.
  • protect system log files from accidental modification (at a minimum, remove write permission after no longer in use).
  • enhance the audit entries in the security log to include the IP address of telnet/ssh sessions (now is just a random name).
  • allow system administrators to set a per-user account expiration date.

So, please add your comments. Please pick the ones you like and rank them from most-useful to least-useful. You can skip the ones you don’t need.

If you have additional suggestions beyond this list, that’s ok too. Just be sure to explain it in a way that I can understand it!

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