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In speaking with people about SSH I have discovered that there is significant confusion between the release and protocol versions.

Stratus has released two versions of OpenSSL/SSH. Release 1 runs on the Continuum platform under VOS release 14.7x. Release 2 runs on the Vseries platform under releases greater than 15.0. The major difference is that release 1 does not support PTYs and requires the use of tunneling for interactive logins. Release 2 supports tunneling but also supports PTYs so that tunneling is not needed for interactive logins.

SSH also comes in 2 protocol versions, 1 and 2. These protocol versions are independent of the Stratus release versions. Both release 1 and release 2 support protocol versions 1 and 2.

Protocol version 1 has some known security issues. You may find references on the web suggesting that you disable version 1. Again, this refers to protocol version 1 and not the Stratus OpenSSL/SSH. release 1.

To disable protocol version 1 in the server change the Protocol directive in the >system>openssl>etc>sshd_config file

#Protocol 2,1
Protocol 2.
Note that in later dot-letter releases of OpenSSL/SSH. release 1 and in release 2 this has already been done.

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