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Best Practices for Designing an Edge Computing Infrastructure

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At first glance, edge computing appears very homogeneous, and includes all activities that are performed outside of the “Core”, which could be the location of the primary corporate-wide IT (Information Technologies) infrastructure. In fact, edge computing is a multi-tiered mix of assets arranged in a use-case and workload centric fashion. CIOs and other IT leaders must prepare their wider organization and key stakeholders for the necessary steps to successfully deploy and manage an edge computing infrastructure. Firms that acknowledge edge computing as a long-term investment generally fall into these two categories. To learn what the two categories are read on.

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Justification for modernizing automation

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ARC estimates that $65 billion worth of process automation systems are nearing the end of their useful life. These estimates are even larger if one includes those installed systems that don’t meet the requirements for cybersecurity protection, or leveraging technologies, such as IIoT, cloud computing, advanced process control, mobile devices, social networks, advanced search engines, and big data analytics to create the information-driven enterprise. Automation end users are primarily concerned with preserving their installed plant assets. Unfortunately, control systems and automation equipment are run much longer than IT and other non-manufacturing related assets. At the same time, manufacturers have an enormous challenge with cost justifications.

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Fighting System Downtime: Public Safety Call Center Survey Shows IT Upgrade

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PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points) dedicated to handling calls to police, fire stations and ambulance services deal with life threatening emergencies every day. It’s an environment in which any amount of unplanned system downtime can have catastrophic consequences, so I’m pleased to see that they are steadily upgrading their technology to better perform under stress according to recent research we conducted.

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