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I enjoy meeting our VOS and OpenVOS customers.  Customers ask me where we are headed with VOS/OpenVOS, and colleagues ask me where we should go with VOS/OpenVOS.  I’ve often said that I get my best ideas from our customers.

So, let me ask you, our customers, what you would like to see us do with our OpenVOS product line?  Are we providing the capabilities that you need to run your enterprise effectively?  Are we keeping up with the pace of change in the industry?  Are there additional capabilities that we could offer you that would reduce your workload, improve your ability to serve your customers, or improve the availability and reliability of your applications?

I’m especially interested in the “big ideas.”  There are always a lot of little things we can do; a new command here, and control argument there.  I’m not adverse to learning about the little things.  But I’m much more interested in the big picture.  What do we need to do to keep OpenVOS your operating system of choice?

Feel free to add comments at the end of this posting, or if you would rather communicate with me in private, you can email me at Paul (dot) Green (at) Stratus (dot) com.

Thanks for using our products.

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