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Stratus has offered ports of open-source, POSIX-based software to its VOS customers for many years. When we first started offering these ports, most VOS customers were using Continuum (HP PA-RISC) systems. Stratus still has many customers on these systems, but we also have many customers on the newer V Series (Intel IA32) systems. I have created separate directories for the packages that have been ported to Continuum and V Series systems. This separation will make it easier for customers to see which packages have already been ported to their systems, and it will make it easier for me to maintain the site.

You can access the VOS anonymous FTP site by using an ftp client or by using a web browser. To login using an ftp client, point it at, give “anonymous” as your user name, and supply your email address as your password. The VOS area is in the “vos” subdirectory. However, it is a lot easier to access the site using a web browser. Type the URL “” into the address bar, click on the “VOS Operating System” link, and you will be taken to the home page of the VOS area. From there, you can click on “VOS POSIX and Open-Source Software” to access the POSIX-related files.

We offer ports of 36 open-source packages for Continuum. These include the popular bzip2 and gzip compression programs, the cvs source management tool, a multiple-precision math library, the grep command, the gSOAP package, and the vi text editor.

We offer ports of 7 open-source packages for V Series. Perhaps the most interesting of these is the Lynx text-oriented web browser. If you have ever wanted to download a file from the web directly to VOS, this package is for you.

If you have any questions or comments about the VOS FTP site, you can post them here or in the OpenVOS Forum.

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