Stratus OS Update Release Policy

Operating System Updates for Stratus Fault-Tolerant Servers

As per industry best practice, validation testing of an update of any kind should be required before it is released and applied to a production system, or any system that may get authority over a production system or access to data of a production system. Failure to follow this practice may result in downtime and/or data loss.

ftServer Operating System Update Release Policy

Patch Release

An update to an operating system environment that fixes an existing problem, such as bug fix or security patch.

Maintenance Release

An update to an operating system environment that fixes a compilation of existing problems, such as bug fixes, security patches and/or provides feature enhancements. When the new operating system version is released, it usually contains the fixes and updates from previous patch releases.

  • Operating System Support Matrix– Please check the respective operating system support matrix before you test and apply a Maintenance Release to a Stratus ftServer system.
Summary of Vendor Patch and Maintenance Release Terms

Microsoft Windows

Red Hat Linux

VMware ESX Server



 Hot Fix / QFE Patch Release(errata release) Maintenance Release



 Service Pack Update Release Minor or Major Release

VOS and OpenVOS Release/Version Information

Operating System Release Information for Stratus Server Systems