Redundant Systems

Alaska’s Need for Highly Redundant Systems at the Edge

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Alaska is an environment tailor-made for Stratus Technologies’ solutions. The state is remote, access to IT expertise is a challenging in many locations and the environmental condition can present a myriad of issues. Combine this with small, remote communities with the need to run automation systems for water, waste water and other utilities, and the requirement for fault-tolerant solution is easy to understand.

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How Oil and Gas Pipeline Operations Eliminate “Blind Moments”

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As energy demands in the U.S. rise, oil and gas companies feel pressure from all angles. They not only have to push for higher production, they’re under scrutiny from regulators overseeing compliance and the public concerned about safety and environmental impacts. So oil and gas companies are doubling down and taking a fresh look at systems controlling every aspect of the business—from gathering and processing through transmission and distribution.

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World at the Edge

Will ExxonMobil Revolutionize the Automation Industry?

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The interest around the ExxonMobil initiative to modernize their automation systems and their selection of Lockheed Martin to lead this initiative has generated considerable interest and discussion within automation vendors and the industry at large. Now that vendors have had the time to digest the impact of the proposal, to take a standards based approach across all levels of an automation system, and, in particular, to adopt a standard such as VPX, driven by the FACE initiatives in aerospace, a variety of reactions are appearing in the media.

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Columbia Pipeline

Columbia Pipeline Paves the Way to the Industrial Internet of Things

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GE and Accenture recently announced a breakthrough deployment for an “Intelligent Pipeline” solution that is clearly a stop on the road to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Reliable and accurate analytics depend on reliable and complete data sets and Columbia Gas accomplishes this with the continuous availability of the Stratus ftServer.

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