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I’m pleased to announce that OpenVOS Release 17.2.0, GNU Tools Release 4.0.0 and Kona for OpenVOS Release 1.1.0 are now generally available.  All VOS V Series customers with a maintenance contract are eligible for these releases. Plus, all of them are available on the web site, so you no longer need to order release tapes.

StrataDoc ( has been updated with the manuals for these products as well.

What’s in OpenVOS 17.2, you ask?  Here is a brief summary:

  • Support for a new LTO-5 tape drive (up to 1.5TB capacity)
  • Support for Solid State Disk Drives in ftScalable Gen2
  • Support for 64-bit Stream Files
  • Support for Extended Names Version 2
  • Phase 1 of Improved Password Encryption
  • Increased Software Limits
  • Larger Syserr and Accounting Logs
  • Sort Command Performance Boost (sorts more records in memory)

Here is what is new in GNU Tools 4.0:

  • Support for 64-bit Stream Files and Extended Names V2
  • New Porting Bases for Many Open-Source Packages
  • Man Pages for Most Packages
  • The wget command
  • The xz command
  • GDB can follow forks

Here is what is new in Kona 1.1:

  • Support for 64-bit Stream Files and Extended Names V2
  • All Relevant OpenJDK Tests Pass

OpenVOS Release 17.2.0 supports all current V Series hardware platforms (V100 to V6512). It will be the final release to support the V100, V150, V200, V250, V300, V400, and V500 platforms.

See the Software Release Bulletins for these products, available on StrataDOC, for more details.




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