You may now find Operating System Release Information for VOS and OpenVOS Systems on the Stratus web site (  Look for it in the left navigation bar on many of the pages.

One such place is on the left side of the Support & Documentation page.

What you’ll get is a table much like this (which might be updated by the time you read this, so don’t count on the data in this blog posting being timely; it was current at the time this blog post was created.).   For the latest information, see  Operating Sytem Release Information for VOS and OpenVOS systems.

VOS and OpenVOS release and version information (SAMPLE ONLY)

PlatformCurrent Bug Fix ReleaseLatest Shipping ReleaseLatest Recommended Release
V-Series systems 2302,4304, and 6308
OpenVOS 17 release17.0.1at (June 2009)17.0.1 (Dec 2008)17.0.1
V-Series systems 150, 250, 300, and 500
OpenVOS 17 release17.0.1at (June 2009)17.0.1 (Dec 2008)17.0.1
VOS 16 release16.2.1aq (June 2009)17.0.1 (Dec 2008)17.0.1
V-Series systems 100, 200, and 400
OpenVOS 17 release17.0.1at (June 2009)17.0.1 (Dec 2008)17.0.1
VOS 15 release15.3.0bj (June 2009)17.0.1 (Dec 2008)17.0.1
Continuum systems 600 and 1200
VOS 14 release14.7.2bk (April 2009)14.7.2 (Dec 2005)14.7.2bb
1) Current Bug Fix release is what is currently available to order from Software Distribution Services
2) Latest Shipping Release shows which release ships from the factory with new systems.
3) Latest Recommended Release is based upon an evaluation by Stratus technical teams as to what release we advise to be installed

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