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I was recently asked if it was OK to not run the snmpd process. The answer is yes. If you are not using an SNMP manager to monitor the availability of the system there is no reason to run the snmpd process. The >system> will automatically start the process. You can stop this by placing a comment character before the start_process command in the; changing the line


start_process -output_path (master_disk)>system>stcp>logs>snmpd.out '(master_dis

+k)>system>stcp>command_library>snmpd' -privileged -process_name snmpd& start_process -output_path (master_disk)>system>stcp>logs>snmpd.out '(master_d


+isk)>system>stcp>command_library>snmpd' -privileged -process_name snmpd

The also starts the ftpd process. If you are not using the module as an FTP server you can stop ftpd from starting by changing the line


start_process -output_path (master_disk)>system>stcp>logs>ftpd.out '(master_disk

+)>system>stcp>command_library>ftpd' -privileged -process_name ftpd & start_process -output_path (master_disk)>system>stcp>logs>ftpd.out '(master_di


+sk)>system>stcp>command_library>ftpd' -privileged -process_name ftpd

The stcp_inetd process is another process that may be running when it doesn’t need to. By default stcp_inetd will listen for connections to the so-called tiny services as well as tftpd, bootpd and swat. If you have a NIO attached to the module to handle X25 traffic you will need to run stcp_inetd to handle time (one of the tiny services) and tftpd requests. If you have a Samba service running on the module you may want to keep stcp_inetd running to handle connections to the Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT). If neither of those scenarios applies there is probably no reason to be running the stcp_inetd process. The process is started in the command macro, but that macro is called from the macro. To stop stcp_inetd from being started when the system boots change the line in



& (master_disk)>system>stcp>start_inetd

The other process that is started by default in the is telnetd. The VOS RSN requires telnetd to be running so you should not stop it or prevent it from running but take a look at for ways to increase the security of telnetd)

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