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I thought you might be interested to know that Stratus has updated our VOS Apache release to a newer code base. While we had the port open we added support for PHP. That new product is called Apache Web Server with PHP Release 3.0 for OpenVOS. Stratus has also ported MySQL Community Server Edition, Version 5.0.75 to OpenVOS. That product is formally known as MySQL Release 1.0 for OpenVOS. For more information about either of these products please contact your Stratus Account Executive or Systems Engineer.


  • Ashutosh Warikoo says:

    This is interesting. I have been trying to port MySQL onto VOS but to no avail. Keep getting errors which leave me stupified. I will talk to our Account Executive.
    Ashutosh Warikoo.

  • Paul Green says:

    Don’t feel too bad if you had problems porting MySQL. I worked on the port of MySQL to OpenVOS 17.0.1. MySQL will not port to earlier releases of VOS or OpenVOS due to the omission of some key POSIX functions as well as the presence of several bugs in POSIX and GNU Tools. We also had to fix a number of issues in the MySQL source code itself. Some of these bugs and issues were exceptionally hard to find. Once we got everything squared away, we were able to run all of the relevent MySQL self-tests, as well as some stress tests that we created on our own. I think we have a solid product, now.

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