If you are considering porting open-source code to VOS or OpenVOS, I strongly recommend that you read the presentation that my colleague Richard Boylan and I have written on this topic. He and I have ported many open-source packages to VOS, and we have gathered our accumulated knowledge, techniques, and tips into a single presentation.  If you have never ported open-source code, this guide will give you a detailed map of the steps to follow. If you have tried porting code before, then this guide will help you improve your productivity and will give you information about the common problems and their solutions.

The presentation covers where to find open-source code, why you should perform an initial build on a reference platform, how most open-source code is built, how to go about building code on OpenVOS, common issues that you might encounter and how to resolve them, and tips and techniques that we have found useful in our ports here at Stratus.

We update the guide from time to time to add new information. I recently ported the “git” distributed source control tool to OpenVOS 17.0, and based on that experience, added another tip to the document.

If you find this document helpful, please let us know. If you have any suggestions for how to improve it, please send them to me, or add them as comments to this post.

The file is available at http://ftp.stratus.com/pub/vos/posix/Porting_Open-Source_Code.pdf.

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