Keep your critical applications up and running

Stratus fault-tolerant platform solutions, combined with services give you the highest possible levels of availability by preventing downtime and data loss for essential business applications.  Don’t simply recover from a catastrophe.  Prevent it.  Our people, products and services provide worry-free operation so you can avoid the complexity and costs associated with alternative solutions.  The world’s most critical applications rely on Stratus.

Which fault-tolerant platform solution is right for you?

Browse the categories below, or let us guide you. If you need a solution that can run on servers supported by your IT approved hardware list, click here to use our software solutions guide.

ftServer® Systems

Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant Systems are the most robust, efficient solution for advanced deployed and virtualized environments where uptime SLAs are crucial, for Windows®, Linux®, and VMware®.



V Series & Continuum

Longtime users of the VOS-based platform rely on Stratus’ V Series and Continuum Servers to deliver unparalleled uptime.