How OT Solutions Are Disrupting the Industrial Automation Industry

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There’s no better time to work on building optimal foundations for future asset management strategies and IIoT than now. With easy-to-deploy OT solutions that also provide low-maintenance upkeep, IA environments can be well on their way to delivering the strongest results possible for their clients

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Top Challenges Facing Today’s OT Professionals

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As we see more and more convergence of OT and IT, we are also witnessing an increase in the challenges faced by today’s OT professionals. We’ve seen an influx of OT professionals continuously being asked to support complex environments and infrastructures with dwindling resources. Making them ideal candidates for a technological solution that brings simplicity and reliability to their day-to-day work.

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The Four Benefits of an OT/IT Convergence

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Despite emerging benefits there remains an undeniable resistance to converging OT and IT. A recent Automation World article shared that the two departments, “not only operate in a very separate way, but sometimes even have conflicting approaches.” The solution is to ensure that leadership brings the benefits of such a merger to the forefront. The positive impact the convergence brings to both OT and IT is the great equalizer that unites two distinct organizational cultures.

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Best Practices for Designing an Edge Computing Infrastructure

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At first glance, edge computing appears very homogeneous, and includes all activities that are performed outside of the “Core”, which could be the location of the primary corporate-wide IT (Information Technologies) infrastructure. In fact, edge computing is a multi-tiered mix of assets arranged in a use-case and workload centric fashion. CIOs and other IT leaders must prepare their wider organization and key stakeholders for the necessary steps to successfully deploy and manage an edge computing infrastructure. Firms that acknowledge edge computing as a long-term investment generally fall into these two categories. To learn what the two categories are read on.

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