Prevent outages and data loss — even when an entire site goes down

Disasters, whether caused by nature or human error, can result in the total loss of a physical data center, potentially leaving your business unable to function for days or even weeks. Although many organizations continue to put off implementing a recovery solution fearing high costs and resource demands, there’s no need for you to endure the risk any longer.

With SplitSite, if disaster strikes in one location, applications and data are immediately available, up-to-date, and fully operational at the other location without the need for IT staff at the second location.

Achieve true disaster resilience

everRun SplitSite is metro-wide offsite downtime prevention software that extends the protection of your business from localized power failures and building-wide problems to servers located in different buildings or data centers. By supporting geographical separation, this powerful disaster tolerant solution further safeguards your business from major downtime due to potentially catastrophic events such as flooding and power outages.

Remain compliant

In regulated industries, a site-wide problem can lead to data loss that risks compliance, adding significantly to your downtime costs. That’s why businesses in regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and financial services use everRun SplitSite protection to ensure that all data is safely replicated and remains available at all times.

eveRun SplitSite eliminates the cost and chaos associated with typical reactive recovery products.

everRun SplitSite

How it works

Here’s how SplitSite works:

SplitSite provides application availability across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication.

Split-site configurations are limited to 10ms round trip A-Link latency for HA VMs and 2ms round trip A-Link latency for FT VMs.  Separation of up to 10km (using 1000BASE-LX) is a common A-Link network topology that can meet the latency requirements for most deployments.

Use of quorum is required for configurations to protect against data loss (due to split brain) and to safely enable VMs to start up automatically if a second everRun physical machine (node) or site has failed.  Quorum availability is improved if quorum is placed at a third location and an appropriate quorum networking design is implemented.

Specific training or professional services assistance is necessary to deploy SplitSite correctly and a SplitSite license is required to receive technical support on a SplitSite configuration.