Prevent downtime, don’t recover from it

Stratus Avance high availability software is the answer for businesses requiring the most reliable and affordable solution for keeping critical applications up and running. Unlike traditional high-availability clusters, Avance delivers far superior and more reliable availability without the cost and complexity of clusters.

How does Avance work?

Avance is a software solution that combines two standard servers into one failsafe system.
All data and applications are synchronized between the two servers continuously, in real time. When something goes wrong, one server can seamlessly take over the other’s job – without you noticing a thing.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents server downtime and keeps applications running
  • Improves the reliability of your IT infrastructure
  • Reduces purchase and maintenance cost
  • No on-site IT skills required
  • Extra hardware is not needed; optional, shared storage network (SAN)
  • Cross-campus protection
  • Windows and Linux application support

Key Features

  • Prevent downtime with two x86 servers working togetherAvance combines two conventional x86 servers into one high-availability system. This “hardware redundancy” guarantees that your data and applications will remain available even if there are any errors on a server. You do not have to stop working because your business processes continue without restriction.
  • Get peace of mind with continuous monitoringAvance continuously monitors all data and replicates them on both machines in real time. Avance guarantees immediate migration of all running applications and systems as soon as a potential failure or system fault occurs.
  • Experience improved performance with Stratus Avance load balancingStratus Avance includes high availability load balancing. Instead of one server remaining passive, prepared for a future fault, High Availability Load Balancing will enable you to actively utilize the system resources of both servers in your HA solution. This will provide better read performance, twice the network bandwidth for disk writes and improved processor performance.
  • Easy and affordableStratus Avance software fits easily into tight IT budgets and your existing IT infrastructure. It runs on industry-standard servers to prevent unpredictable system failover. And, unlike traditional high-availability clusters, Avance doesn’t require external shared storage to work, leaving that choice to you. Built-in Windows and Linux server virtualization and virtual machine (VM) consolidation provide additional savings.