Efficient, cost-effective solutions for security systems that must not fail

The constant threat of security breaches means it is crucial for critical physical security systems to be continuously available and effective around the clock. The consequential losses are often far greater than any immediate financial loss when access control, building management, fire, intruder alarm, perimeter protection, PSIM and video management suffer downtime.

Our implementation of everRun software has provided a very stable system. It has kept critical systems fully functional when other solutions would have failed

Rick PearsonDepartmental Systems Administrator McCarran International Airport

Continuous availability without the complexity

If you are responsible for electronic security and related systems you understand the pressure that comes with ensuring 24x7x365 operation. Platforms which provide continuous availability are becoming an absolute requirement. With tight budgets, it is essential to ensure that obtaining continuous availability requires no application modifications, integrates seamlessly with mainstream, off-the-shelf hardware and software systems, increases the flexibility of your options for future enhancements, and provides you with automatic monitoring and diagnosis of your security solution, so you can head of potential problems before they occur. And let’s not forget instant access to experts to address your concerns.

Leaders choose the Stratus ‘always-on’ advantage

Status is the proven choice for leading companies such as Tyco Integrated Security, Johnson Controls and Rapiscan Systems. Our cost effective solutions deliver continuous availability without the complexity of other solutions.

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