GE Intelligent Platforms and Stratus Technologies

True redundancy translates into a greater level of reliability and ensures uninterrupted operation of the GE-IP applications. Flawless operation and consistent performance are critical aspects to new business development, just as they are in day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction. In both contexts, I count on Stratus to help carry the day in an always-on world.

Royce Monteverdi
Robotic Parking Systems

For more than 10 years Stratus has partnered with GE Intelligent Platforms, a global leader connecting machines, data, insights, people, and re-defining industrial automation. GE IP takes the lessons of the IT revolution, customizes them for the specific requirements of the controls industry, and puts them to work for customers. GE makes the always-on industrial internet real.

GE Intelligent Platforms and Stratus

Stratus provides a better way to deploy your industrial automation applications. The ftServer platform and everRun software eliminate clustering, which dramatically simplifies installation and on-going maintenance, and provides you with the highest level of availability.

Virtualization and thin client technologies offer many benefits and Stratus delivers the availability and operational simplicity required to deploy these technologies into industrial environments. Our solutions and services prevent downtime and enable your GE IP applications to run without interruption or data loss.

For an Always-On plant you can rely on Stratus Technologies.

Are you an engineering company?

Stratus has composed specifications in CSI format that define virtualized Integrated Automation Network Servers to help with your next project.

Download the ftServer Engineering Specifications