Enterprise Strategy Group’s Principal Analyst, Jason Buffington, discusses how organizations that believe solving an availability weakness requires an “either”/”or” decision should reconsider, because infrastructures built upon VMware can increase the availability of their mission critical systems (without changes to IT strategy, management, or applications) by utilizing fault tolerant servers as their hosts.

VMware and Stratus: Better Together

Organizations that believe solving an availability weakness requires an "either", "or" decision should reconsider. VMware and Stratus ftServer can offer a better way to address the challenge.

Jason BuffingtonPrincipal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

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Increasing the Availability of VMware Virtual Machines Is about “And” Instead of “Or”

This Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Solution Showcase highlights statistics from an ESG survey of 250 IT decision makers on the specific challenges today’s organizations experience in trying to attain availability in their virtualized environments.  With only 16% of respondents stating “everything runs reasonably well,” this leaves 84% looking for something different, or as a supplement to what they are doing today.

By reading this paper you will fully comprehend these challenges and best practices including:

  • ESG’s Data Protection and Availability Spectrum
  • Understanding your recovery goals (VM host availability vs. RTO )
  • Application start-time unpredictability
  • Why you should consider a VMware AND Stratus fault-tolerant server(s)
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