Eliminate Unplanned Downtime of Critical Applications

Sophisticated technology protects property and lives 24/7. Because seconds count, there is no time for system failure. Stratus software and services solutions are exceptionally dependable, easy to deploy, and have a 30-year track record of success and reliability.

These 30-minute educational webinars provide an update on the latest everRun capabilities that enable you to protect your critical security system applications with an always-on environment and prevent downtime.

everRun concepts and product overview

Complete overview of the latest Stratus everRun product line.

everRun for Network Video Recording

If you are involved in designing and proposing Video Monitoring systems, this webinar explain how everRun can be used to be the NVR: configuration options, performance, benefits.

everRun Monitor

everRun Monitor is a new offering that extends Stratus’ ability to provide high availability, from the central server to the entire integrated solution. This can be of great value to engineers servicing and supporting an integrated security solution, and give the end-user to capability to trouble-shoot issues network wide.

Upgrading to the latest generation of everRun

If you have an older version of everRun, Avance, or everRun Express; this webinar explains all the benefits of upgrading to everRun v7.3 and what’s involved.