As previously published in RFID Journal

The move to increase intelligence at the network edge is well under way in the industrial enterprise and beyond. Smart edge devices and sensors are popping up everywhere. Now, there’s a new fog rolling in that may give that trend a major boost.

We’re sure you’ve heard of fog computing, but what is it? The term was coined to describe a form of cloud computing closer to the network edge (fog, as in “cloud closer to the ground”…get it?).

One way to look at fog is to consider it the next phase in the evolution of the edge architecture. Once the basic industrial-automation environment is modernized, the next step is to optimize the edge with connected platforms that deliver enterprise-class services, including high availability. Often, these edge platforms are linked to the cloud for storing, aggregating and analyzing data produced at the edge. To read full article on how fog computing will make the edge even smarter, visit RFID Journal