Less than a week after a storm knocked out some of Amazon’s cloud services, one customer decided they had enough. Online dating site, Whatsyourprice.com, chose to end their commitment to Amazon Web Services EC2 after thousands of singles were left dateless during the most recent server outage in late June. According to reports, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Earlier that month on June 14th WhatsYourPrice.com also suffered as a result of a separate outage, adding that Amazon’s support team failed to respond.

The dating service stands by their decision that the site requires 100% uptime and a good reputation in order to be successful, leading them to change cloud providers.  What’sYourPrice.com CEO and Founder Brandon Wade was quoted as saying, “While you can watch a movie tomorrow if you miss it today, dating is all about the serendipity of meeting the right person at the right time. If an online dating service is not available, a user may lose the chance to meet his or her soul mate forever.”

While there are varying opinions on whether Amazon is solely to blame here or if companies like Whatsyourprice.com simply weren’t prepared, one thing is true. Issues with outages are not going to go away. Check out the sampling of stories below for a full recap and let us know in the comments sections whose side you’re on – Team Amazon or Team Whatsyourprice.com.

From Data Center Dynamics: Amazon breaks lonely hearts – so lonely hearts decide to break Amazon
Beyond the lost revenue to Chanel (I am sure they lost one or two handbag sales on both occasions) there is a serious side to this – this is, of course, that losing business is a serious issue for any company and more serious if it is at a large scale. Questions are now being raised about Amazon’s ability to host more serious operations. According to a report by the Washington Post yesterday, The House subcommittee on commerce, manufacturing and trade is studying the risks of moving government operations to cloud services. A hearing has been planned for the August congressional recess.

From Business Insider: This Dating Site Just Gave Amazon A Very Public Smack Down
To recap, Amazon has had two major outages in the past few weeks. One on June 14 and another last weekend. These outages brought down lots of big Internet sites including Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix and, clearly, WhatsYourPrice.com, a dating site with about 400,000 users. Amazon blamed a failure in backup systems for the first outage and an electrical storm for the second. However, Jack Clark over at ZDNet reported that it wasn’t the storm that made last weekend’s outage so bad, but bugs in Amazon’s software. Wade said that Amazon added salt to the wound by ignoring calls to customer support.

From businesscloud9: Amazon – you’re so dumped!
The firm also alleges that Amazon had not responded to repeated calls to its support team during the earlier outage in June.The web site has now moved its business to Fiber Hub, a Las Vegas-based hosting facility. WhatsYourPrice has a rather specific business model: it connects men – known as the Generous Members –  with women – or as they’re known, the Attractive Members – with names like SINderella and BlingBlingDiva and then the men pay for dates.

From InformationWeek: Amazon Cloud Outage Causes Customer To Leave
In the aftermath of the outage, Whatsyourprice.com, an online dating service, also pondered those words. It had tried to build its application right, using two availability zones as Amazon advised, and it still faced an onslaught of customer complaints in the midst of the outage. ‘We received nearly a thousand complaints,’ a level of disruption that Whatsyourprice.com had never seen before, said CEO Brandon Wade in an interview.