What keeps automation engineers up at night – both literally and figuratively? It sounds like a bad joke, but unplanned downtime is the one event that cause havoc in a plant, leading to safety, business, regulatory and environmental issues.

When SCADA/HMI assets fail, operators are literally blind to what is happening resulting in extreme measures to restore visibility. Many of these SCADA/HMI systems are old and fragile with non-existent or antiquated redundancy systems which can result in unacceptably long periods of downtime. Modernizing your SCADA/HMI assets can relieve the headaches associated with unplanned downtime, delivering increased efficiencies and preparing for the coming wave of IIoT applications.

Join me and Robert Landrik of CB Pacific on Wednesday, July 20th for an Automation World webinar to understand how virtualization and fault-tolerant platforms are providing the future ready infrastructure to run your SCADA/HMI and other critical applications.

During the session Robert and I will explore:

  • Key causes and impacts of unplanned downtime and how to get a handle on the problem
  • Challenges with traditional HMI/SCADA deployments
  • Virtualization: What is it and how to streamline HMI/SCADA and related operations
  • Why fault-tolerant servers are a critical part of a virtualized solution
  • Case studies on the deployment of fault tolerance and virtualization

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