Cloud Fair is right around the corner, and I am very excited to both speak and listen at this great conference presenting new ideas and tactics in a changing industry.

This year, I’ll be talking specifically about hybrid clouds as I co-present this session with Intel. I’ll cover how to use remote services to monitor cloud computing environments above and beyond what tools like Level Platforms and Kaseya can provide, focusing on the service delivery.

To use a simple analogy, the tools are the hammer. But how you deliver the service levels to maintain uptime and increase operational efficiencies from a service provider perspective is where the carpenter comes in. Expertise, finesse, and dedication to the customer and their systems is needed for those cloud environments running business critical applications. It’s all about being proactive and predictive.

I’ll see you all In the crowds, and give me a shout when you are there on Twitter @Stratus4Uptime.