Another Cyber Monday is behind us. No rest for the weary, however, as online retailers gear up for the second rush of holiday shopping in mid to late December. There’s a lot at stake. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, retailers will ring up 30-40 percent of their total revenue for the year, much more of it over the Internet than ever before. Consumers will make about 16 percent of all purchases online, equating to $96 billion in sales, says The National Retail Federation.

As we know, customers are difficult to win and easy to lose. A recent Fox Business article reported that 89 percent of customers said they would stop shopping on a web site if they had one poor experience, such as a site coutage. And, 79 percent said that the overall site experience is “absolutely essential” when choosing where to shop. So, not only does a retailer lose revenue immediately through lost transactions, but future sales as well. With every passing year it becomes more crucial for these businesses to devise strategies for avoiding downtime.

Online retailers need to be taking proactive, not reactive actions to prevent unplanned downtime. I recently spoke with both InformationWeek SMB and Fox Business about the importance of uptime and how to prevent downtime. You can read both articles at the links below. Also, be sure to read our recent whitepaper, What Does Datacenter Downtime Really Cost?, where you’ll learn more about the burden outages can have on your business, and the technology you can put in place to prevent it.

Happy holidays and happy shopping to all!

Fox Business: Online Outages Wear on Profits, Not Just Customers’ Patience; November 20, 2012

InformationWeek SMB: Black Friday: 5 Tips For Online Traffic Surges; November 21, 2012