Recently, Stratus VP of Business Line Management, Jason Andersen, sat down with Tony Veroeven, the host of CSIA’s “Talking Industrial Automation” podcast to discuss the lifecycle of edge computing, the challenges facing industrial automation, and the inherent value of SI partnerships.

During the chat, Jason discussed the evolution of Stratus solutions.

From telecommunications deployments in the early years (the original “edge”) to the industrial edge solutions of today. An underlying component of all Stratus solutions, which Tony cited as critical for all IA customers – is predictive maintenance. The true benefit of predictive maintenance for the edge is not just the prevention of downtime, but the ability it creates to preserve the data. By maintaining the integrity of the data and analytics associated with it, the machines can continue running. They went on to discuss challenges end users need to be aware of as they deploy edge computing and analytics. One challenge facing many customers is that technology vendors are either selling highly complicated solutions or overly simplified ones. Yet most customers need something in-between.

According to Jason, Stratus is looking to simplify the process, while positioning companies for the future – with virtualization and services that solve problems today and tomorrow. And Stratus is working closely with partners like the CSIA systems integrators, to help make that happen. Jason and Tony wrapped up the discussion talking about the need for a simplified edge solution like the new Stratus ztC Edge.