Somewhere up in the great state of Maine, there is a fabulous state park, providing gorgeous scenery, fishing, and hiking opportunities to visitors every year.

Unfortunately, the park doesn’t run itself, and has a number of park personnel keeping campers safe, monitoring the wildlife, and keeping the state’s property safe and protected. The park rangers are lucky- their offices are filled with the scent of pine trees and fresh air. Occasionally, however, one of them needs a break.

The IT VAR supporting the the park went on a two-week vacation this summer to a remote location and was completely incommunicado to his “office” mates. But when he was gone, they had a  system failure.

Lucky for the crew left behind, the IT guy had installed Avance, which prevented the failure and allowed the systems running applications such as communication, safety and weather reporting, to continue running until the IT guy came back to fix the problem.

State parks, as well as other SMBs, are subjected to  federal laws of compliance, necessitating high availability systems. With solutions like Avance, IT personnel everywhere can go on vacation and not worry about coming back to a catastrophe at work or subject to review due to non-compliance.