As a technology company that focuses on enabling solutions for specific verticals, it is always interesting to participate in targeted industry events other than tech. Yes, we spend plenty of time at events like the OpenStack Summit and VMworld, but to actually see the broad scope of what impacts a specific vertical is always an eye opener. For instance it’s not every day you see our technology next to pipes and fittings, but needless to say in the world of Oil and Gas, that’s exactly where it sits and it’s critical to the future of always-on energy delivery.

At last week’s AGA (American Gas Association) Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition in Texas there were three clear trends that dominated the discussion:

  1. The increasing use of technology
  2. Leveraging data acquisition and analysis to improve processes
  3. Combining both these to increase the already strong culture of safety

When it comes to operational systems, the increasing number of sensors and sophisticated data analytics have the ability to deliver accurate, actionable information. To support this constant flow of information, there is a clear recognition that an always-on infrastructure is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of these systems.

While virtualization enables more effective use of core platforms, resulting in operational and cost efficiencies, the shift from a one to one server ratio to a one to many ratio increases the risk of downtime and the impact it will have on safety and operations.

At Stratus we’ve been working with Oil and Gas companies on a new approach to solve these key challenges the industry is facing. Stratus ftServer® platforms prevent downtime rather than recovering from it and offer a simple solution that can be maintained by operational technologists, without the need for specialized IT. They are ideal for the underlying sensor and data gathering applications, especially in remote, network edge and critical control room environments.

You can find out more about the new Oil and Gas pipeline experience here.