After taking in some evo on Monday, let’s change gears to cloud which is another big reason I came out to VMworld this week. And while we at Stratus have been heavily focused on delivering resiliency to OpenStack workloads, it’s always good to check in on what VMware is doing.  Especially because it’s pretty easy to add one of our VMware based ftServerse into a VMware cloud. Again, keeping with the theme of evolutionary technology innovation to support a robust strategy, you have to admit that VMware has a very robust cloud story. That said, here are some thoughts that once again reinforce that VMware is consumerizing the data center.

  1. VMware’s solution is a very complete hybrid cloud solution. Yes, it all hands together and you can build a very complete cloud, but it requires all VMware products. There is not much of an ecosystem or choice in place. But if you are OK with a single vendor solution, it’s worth a look.
  2. I was especially impressed with the vRealize automation capabilities. It’s a great toolset for making sense of and simplifying all of the pieces you would use. Of course, it’s not perfect but compared with a lot of other cloud managers and orchestrators it’s very good.
  3. I can see a future where HA operations span on prem and cloud. There has been a lot of emphasis on extending HA outside of the rack or server and if you leverage vCLoud many of the technical limitations (with the possible exception of latency to the cloud) can be overcome.

So, even though I am an open source believer (and ex-Red Hatter), I have to admit VMware is the first ready for mainstream IT cloud I have seen. But remember that comes with the usual gotchas that comes with a consumerized approach. You will give up some flexibility since VMware’s cloud does not have much of an ecosystem. It’s also expensive. Lastly, it’s a cloud so all statements about simplicity are relative to other clouds and not a rack full of virtualized servers.