While automation is accelerating business intelligence across industries, many industrial operators lack the staff and experience to pilot new automation projects, relying instead on systems integrators. By developing core competencies in emerging technologies like edge computing, systems integrators can position themselves as trusted partners and drivers of innovation.

Systems Integrators Are Trusted Advisers

Automated plants vary greatly in terms of complexity. Even the most advanced and technically adept operators need help pioneering emerging technologies. Extremely rapid advancements in machine learning, edge computing, data management and cybersecurity have created new opportunities for systems integrators to add value by serving as trusted advisors on new technology deployments.

Plant managers are the genesis of innovation. They must choose their new initiatives carefully to balance increased risk with increased productivity. While operators face distinct challenges in different markets, the overall risk of poorly implemented automation projects remains the same: limited operational efficiency.

Ensuring reliability in emerging IIoT subfields allows systems integrators to demonstrate value and earn the trust that underpins strong, lasting business relationships.

Stratus ztC Edge Supports Edge Computing Implementations

Stratus solutions have evolved alongside the changing needs of various industries in the midst of digital transformation. Systems Integrators can count on Stratus’ deep expertise in designing remotely-managed, continuously available hardware for manufacturers. Our ztC Edge solution actively monitors automated machinery and provides predictive analytics to forecast expected maintenance and repairs. Stratus provides systems integrator partners with the infrastructure needed to safely and seamlessly integrate new devices into automated production environments. This allows for notable upgrades in edge analytics capabilities.

Stratus’ ztC Edge platform is easy-to-install, tamper proof, self-monitoring and self-protecting, ensuring that applications keep running, minimizing data loss in any environment, no matter how rugged and challenging.

At the CSIA Annual Executive Conference this week, we’re excited to share our perspective and help our partners add additional value to the diverse industries they serve. Stop by our booth to learn how Stratus edge solutions are being deployed in highly-profitable projects for chocolate factories, oil pipelines, and everywhere in between. With Stratus, systems integrators can rest assured knowing their edge devices have the track record needed to earn confidence, and allow industrial operators to focus on what they do best: run their production businesses.

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