The response to the Stratus acquisition of the assets of Marathon Technologies one month ago has been overwhelmingly positive across the board. Everyone shares our enthusiasm for the opportunities it represents. This is a significant milestone for our company, one that opens so many doors for Stratus, our channel partners, and our customers, as well as for future technologies that protect business continuity.

We wanted to take a look back at some of the articles covering this news. We’re very excited for the future and look forward to sharing more of the latest news and developments from Stratus with you.

From Network World: Top Tech M&A Deals of 2012
The slideshow features details on the Stratus acquisition of Marathon and how it complements the Stratus line-up of fault-tolerant and high-availability servers.

From IDG News Service: Stratus Acquires Competing HA Software Provider Marathon
Stratus CEO, Dave Laurello, spoke with Joab Jackson about what this acquisition means for the company and what Stratus is planning for the future.

From CRN: Fault Tolerant Computing Consolidation: Stratus Acquires Marathon
Joe Kovar spoke with Stratus’ Dave LeClair about how this acquisition will bring together the best of Stratus and Marathon offerings while also creating a single team that comes from the cream of the crop in the tech sector.

From ZDNet: Stratus Technologies Acquires Marathon Technologies
Dan Kusnetzky looks back on how there used to be only two choices for continuous processing software for industry standard systems, but, with this acquisition, there is now only one.

From Boston Business Journal: Stratus Acquires Atlas- and Longworth-Backed Marathon Technologies
Kyle Alspach provides an overview of venture-backed Marathon Technologies and how the deal further solidifies Stratus’ position as the leading provider of availability solutions.

From Stratus Technologies Acquires Marathon Technologies
David Marshall provides an overview of the acquisition and includes thoughts from Stratus CEO, Dave Laurello, as well as Andy Cohen, VP of strategic development and investments at Citrix, who explains what this means for Citrix as a partner of Stratus.

From The Register: Stratus Runs Marathon After High-availability Server Rival Gobble
Timothy Pickett Morgan has the details on how this acquisition bolsters Stratus’ server and virtualization portfolios.

From 9-1-1 Magazine: Stratus Technologies Acquires Marathon Technologies
9-1-1 Magazine staff explains how this transaction will help Stratus to move beyond uptime for computing platforms to provide comprehensive enterprise business continuity through simple to use, cost-effective solutions for application availability and disaster recovery services.