Stratus has served the Industrial Automation (IA) space for 35 years, and we continue to see greater uptake for our solutions combined with those of our global partners. Rising demand in this market is due to aging operational technology (OT) infrastructures and industrial companies seeking to modernize and consolidate automation environments, with 3 main objectives:

  • Increasing plant efficiencies
  • Delivering better return on assets
  • Eliminating unplanned downtime of critical applications like SCADA/HMI, Historian and MES

Think about this: Already, the total global installed base of OT systems reaching end-of-life adds up to $65 billion in potential sales, and the total installed base of automation systems 20-plus years old comes to $53 billion 1. By 2020, the total IA market is expected to reach USD $202 billion,2 driven largely by the move to smart manufacturing strategies using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data.

Cost of Downtime CalculatorBy working with Stratus, partners are well positioned to tap into this booming market. To help our partners succeed, we’re launching an integrated digital marketing and awareness campaign across the globe. Within our campaign, each activity provides ways for partners to combine the power of the Stratus brand with their own industry expertise and messaging. Campaign activities include industry specific content, infographics and blogs, email campaigns, pitches to top industry publications, social media promotion, and webinars. The campaign also offers paid media leveraging various content types distributed through social platforms and leading country specific and industry centric publications.

Plus, we’ll equip our partners with our Best Practices Kit for Modernizing Automation —a key tool to educate, empower, and engage buyers to take action—including contributions from Craig Resnick, Vice President, Consulting, ARC Advisory Group, Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group and LNS Research.

In addition to the huge market growth opportunity for IA, the timing is right for partners to align with Stratus because smart manufacturing relies on 24/7 operations, demanding continuous availability of critical plant applications. Plus, the annual cost of downtime has increased by 60% to $260,0003 since 2014. IA also requires a risk-free virtualization strategy to enable the required application consolidation, along with a way to future-proof OT modernization investments that will provide the required return on assets.

Stratus delivers on all counts in the IA market. Stratus fault-tolerant servers have a proven track record of preventing downtime, mitigating the risks of virtualization, and providing 6+ years average server life span. More importantly, Stratus provides peace of mind to IA customers by providing services with total assurance, meaning customers can rely on Stratus equipment and people without having to add or allocate ongoing internal resources to manage and service systems.

Fundamentally, Stratus understands that partners are critical to helping customers understand the issues, choose the right Stratus solutions to replace aging control systems, and prepare for the advent of the IIoT. That’s why we’re launching this global, partner-centric go-to-market campaign to jointly pursue IA modernization opportunities in a big way.

We have a long history of selling through partners and supporting partner marketing and sales efforts. Today the opportunities for joint success in the IA space are greater than ever. So don’t wait to grow your business faster and deliver better results for your customer base. Talk to Stratus about how—together—we can bring customers the most comprehensive and advanced solutions for modernizing automation.

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