Another VMworld and another year closer to a software fault-tolerant product with SMP support? Fail!

In VMware’s defense, achieving full fault tolerance in software has always been a tough nut to crack. Sure, it can be done. But the end product is neither very useful nor efficient.

Enter Stratus ftServer, recognized by even VMware as the only full-function fault tolerant solution ready today for virtualizing Tier 1 applications. One ftServer – just one – delivers SMP support for critical virtual workload, maximizing the power and performance of every processor core.

While VMware has been struggling to deliver its second first-generation fault tolerant product, savvy IT managers have been using ftServer for virtualization for more than 8 years (the first one going back to 2004!). No performance-sapping overhead, no over provisioning, no configuration restrictions.

Check out the Stratus Uptime Meter, which shows uptime of the entire ftServer installed base around the world. Today it’s at 99.9999%. That’s just 31 seconds of average downtime. That’s not something you’ll be hearing from VMware about software FT anytime soon.

Learn more about how Stratus protects critical applications from downtime by downloading Virtualizing Tier 1 Applications: How to deliver superior quality of service and guaranteed uptime for business-critical VMware vSphere environments.