If you’re heading to the OpenStack Summit in Paris, be sure to stop by and say hello.

With over 16,000 high availability solutions in the market today, we understand the pressing need for achieving high reliability for critical workloads, and we will be showing the OpenStack community how to do this in the cloud for the first time ever at the Summit. This is a monumental shift for many IT organizations that want the benefits of cloud environments without the risks – a shift that will be key to accelerating the broader adoption of OpenStack.

Our approach to enabling enterprise grade OpenStack clouds leverages Software Defined Availability (SDA) to provide a simple way to achieve always-on availability for all apps – legacy, cloud native, stateful or stateless – as well as the ability to dynamically adjust availability levels. In other words we are improving the reliability of OpenStack infrastructures and reducing the complexity of making applications cloud-ready.

Reliability of OpenStack clouds has been well noted as being a barrier to broader enterprise adoption and we are addressing just that. To meet this challenge, we have developed an industry exclusive set of Linux and KVM extensions to provide unparalleled availability services for OpenStack workloads, which we’ll be discussing in detail at the show.

Join us at Booth D7 for the first ever live demo of fault-tolerant workloads in OpenStack Clouds

We will be showing how we are enabling SDA from application definition and self-service orchestration, to availability driven policy and workload placement across the OpenStack infrastructure. You will see how to define a workload and make it available to a power user, how to deploy the application in different availability service levels, and how workloads recover from failure in different scenarios. You will also get an understanding of machine instance state-pointing technology that enables nodes in OpenStack to “pair” running instances in the cloud to realize full fault tolerance for the running application.

Demo schedule:

Monday 11/3:                1:15pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm

Tuesday 11/4:               1:00pm, 4:20pm

Wednesday 11/5:         10:30am, 12:30pm, 4:10pm

Jason Andersen presents his views on Building Bullet Proof OpenStack Clouds

Additionally at the Summit, Jason Andersen, our Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, will be sharing his insights on how to make OpenStack Clouds mainstream during his presentation on November 3, 2014 (5:30pm) at the SUSE OpenStack Partner Theater, SUSE Booth, C5.

Follow our latest cloud developments and our presence at the show via Twitter @StratusAlwaysOn.