On 4th October in Manchester and 6th October in Milton Keynes, Routeco, one of the UK’s leading distributors of industrial automation and control products, brought together some of the biggest names in the industry to discuss the latest developments in the market and to exhibit some of the remarkable new technologies currently under development. And what an event it was! Stratus, Rockwell Automation and GAMBICA were just a few of the national and global organisations discussing and showcasing the latest trends at a very exciting time for UK industry.

The sessions were designed to deliver key information and promote discussion around three themes: Machine Building, Manufacturing and System Integration and Panel Building. Stratus brought a strong team to the event and exhibited its ftServer Solution that underpins the availability needed by modern industry to deliver the IIoT evolution without costly server-induced downtime. Three breakout rooms hosted presentations and lively discussions relating to the future of the industry. They demonstrated a universal desire among delegates and exhibiting companies to highlight best practice at the dawn of a new era for the manufacturing industry in the UK.

Robin Dennell, Stratus’ Availability Expert, presented in the Manufacturing Forum and gave talks on ‘why seconds matter in today’s business world’, and why the continuous availability of critical processing is vital for a modern enterprise. When I spoke with him after the event in Milton Keynes, he was quick to point out the value of meeting so many of the right people in one place and to raise the importance of “always-on” applications. Thomas Donato, EMEA President at Rockwell Automation, gave a keynote address at both events – a measure of the importance to Rockwell Automation of the value of the UK market. He was keen to stress how automation and modernization are vital in today’s connected world, due to the incredible technological advances in all industries and the growth of information enabled industrial processes. For manufacturing, he mentioned, a connected and modern enterprise means an increase in productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Steve Brambley, Director of Public Relations for GAMBICA, spoke about hot topics such as “Brexit” – the UK’s imminent exit from the EU, but also about how important it is to have a long term strategy for industrial automation. He also pointed at the importance of virtualization – another message that we at Stratus endorse as a significant contributor to improved industrial efficiency. The event was a very well received and it was great to be able to connect with so many of the most significant companies in the manufacturing industry. I left the event feeling more certain than ever that the future is going to deliver exciting new technology that is going to help us all work faster, with greater ease, more up-time and, ultimately, more productively. I also hope that Routeco LIVE takes a regular slot in the diary of industry leaders in the UK.