Jessica Meats, or Geeky Girl, claimed 99.999% availability for SQL 2005 today on a  Technet blog post, “Mythbusting: SQL Server isn’t reliable.” She cites a customer quote from a Microsoft Fujifilm case study, and adds a 99.99% uptime claim from a Barbox case study.

What’s behind this? Take a closer look and you’ll see that Geeky Girl is a Microsoft employee who refers to a 5 year old case study on Microsoft’s web site. Using one of the oldest marketing tricks in the IT world, she misinterprets a customer quote to make the ridiculous claim that SQL (2005 no less) is 99.999% available. No proof, no data – and what does Microsoft say?


“Customers can have confidence in SQL Server on ftServer for local provisioning of database servers with exceptional uptime, rapid asynchronous data mirroring for disaster recovery, rolling upgrade style patch management with minimal operational impact, and for any database application where underlying hardware with near-six nines availability is the preferred choice.”

Claude Lorenson, Director SQL Server Marketing, Microsoft Corp


Myth busted?  Yes, with SQL Server running on ftServer.