In recent months we’ve seen companies like Go Daddy and Amazon fall to repeated outages. While apologies and various credits provide some consolation, this raises the question: Is there a point when enough is enough? Or, is downtime just part of doing business in the cloud? When it comes to the mission-critical applications that are the life blood of an organization’s business, the answer is that customers should expect more. The importance of uptime and the potential cost of downtime cannot be understated.

Determining the value of applications to the business is the first step toward making informed technology choices that will deliver the appropriate level of availability for individual applications. There is a big difference between 99.9% availability and 99.999% … hours of downtime versus a few minutes, tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost versus a few thousand. Given the affordable choice, most would opt for a solution that prevents downtime instead of recovering from downtime after the fact. For more information on the cost of critical application failure, download our whitepaper. You can also check out our uptime meter on our homepage to determine how much uptime your applications require.

Here are several recent notable repeat outages:

Go Daddy (October 19 and September 12)

Amazon (October 15 and October 22)

Apple iCloud (September 14 and October 31)

Gmail (April 18 and September 10)