Remote monitoring and management can be an extremely effective tool to ensure uptime for SMB’s private cloud. It is also often overlooked or underestimated.

In public clouds, the service provider also manages the infrastructure; clients simply access services when they need them. Not so with private clouds. Most vendors today who provide infrastructure and the operating environment for private clouds assume in-house expertise is there to manage them.

Without the skilled staff to manage private clouds, SMBs may encounter quality of service problems … problems that could inhibit internal adoption of services. The answer may be a managed service provider who can remotely monitor, manage, and remedy issues that arise in an SMB’s on-premise private cloud.

Remote monitoring and management is emerging as a key accelerator of private cloud adoption by SMBs. Also, it is a prime opportunity for companies who have the proven expertise to perform remote monitoring and management such as Stratus has demonstrated for the last 30 years.