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Server Virtualization

Five IT/OT Essentials for Control Systems Projects with Cloud and Edge Computing

By | Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Edge Computing, IIoT

When developing complex digital strategies to achieve successful IoT initiatives and control system projects, the convergence of OT and IT processes is essential. To align OT and IT processes and reduce risks for more effective industrial computer projects, some factors should be considered.

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IIoT Technologies

Asset Performance is Key for the Future of Food Industry

By | Blog / Post, Food & Bev Select, IIoT

Downtime disrupts the supply chain on the front and back end of the food and beverage industry. Behind the curtain; profits and compliance are at risk when the production floor grinds to a halt. Safety also becomes a concern since injuries often occur when equipment is down, plant managers have limited visibility or systems are in maintenance mode.

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disaster recovery solution

How Do I Build A System That Can Handle Tomorrow’s Workload?

By | Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Industrial Automation

The rising tide of data that organizations now receive, manage and analyse shows no signs of receding. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in particular has increased data management exponentially. More than ever before, the need for reliable hardware and accessibility solutions is a pivotal part of most organizations’ long-term plans.

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