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When industrial automation enables innovation, anything is possible

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In today’s automated world, Industrial enterprises are being empowered to become dramatically more productive 24/7/365, with the objective of doing more with less. The key to success in this world is modernizing your infrastructure while reducing the complexity of your control systems. Watch this short video on how Stratus can help modernize your industrial enterprise by increasing the reliability, efficiency, and availability of your critical industrial control systems.

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Going over the Edge – And Doing it Right

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Not long ago, data centers were the primary bastions for data, servers, networking, applications, and other infrastructure. Residing in these locations, or at least nearby, often was a highly skilled IT staff focused on designing, testing, and supporting all of that infrastructure. But the paradigm for the data center is changing fast. Enterprises are pushing computing to the outer edges of the network near or right at production sites where true production is happening, whether they are producing electricity, or using intelligent sensors to monitor factory automation systems.

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Scenic and Critical Water Systems at Shanghai Disney Stay Safe with Stratus

By | Blog / Post, High Availability, Wastewater

Imagine annually hosting 25 million theme park visitors that expect a magical and safe experience and the public health consequences if water contamination occurred at the site. That’s why Shanghai Disney Resort, the newest and largest Disney theme park in Asia, takes no chances. They run their water monitoring and control systems on Stratus continuous availability solutions.

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