Alaska is an environment tailor-made for Stratus Technologies’ solutions. The state is remote, access to IT expertise is a challenging in many locations and the environmental condition can present a myriad of issues. Combine this with small, remote communities with the need to run automation systems for water, waste water and other utilities, and the requirement for fault-tolerant solution is easy to understand. Alaska’s main industries include oil & gas, fishing, processing, and mining.

At CB Pacific’s recent Automation Symposium in Anchorage, Alaska, I had the opportunity to meet with many end users and system integrators to discuss their challenges and understand how Stratus could be of service to them. Given the fact that oil and gas commodity prices are under pressure, resulting in financial constraints on the major Alaska producers, these producers are looking for cost saving solutions and efficiencies across all aspect of their business. With only one major road up to the North slope, and remote pumping and compression stations that are only accessible by helicopter, highly redundant systems are an absolute necessity. In addition, the weather can add another level of complexity for those who service and maintain the critical infrastructure.

Traditional solutions rely on multiple standard servers configured in a variety of redundant configurations to keep things running.

Stratus, working with its partner CB Pacific and local systems integrators is able to offer a single fault-tolerant solution. Through integrated redundancy that continuously monitors and diagnoses any potential problems, allowing for an environment that has no downtime and no data loss. CB Pacific and its system integrator partners handle delivery of the easy to replace hot-swappable replacement parts. This streamlined solution makes for a very cost-effective implementation and eliminates the fear of blind moments caused by unplanned downtime.

Only Stratus can provide a Fault-Tolerant, highly redundant systems solution from which to run your critical monitoring and safety applications.

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