This is the first post in a series that will look at notable outages each month, illustrating the wide array of businesses and industries that are affected by downtime.

While it’s hard to believe that it’s already mid-July, it’s time to take a look back at some of last month’s most notable outages. We’ve handpicked five that directly affect you – the consumer. While many people may not think IT affects their work and personal lives, these cases of downtime show how the summer blues of network outages can affect each and every one of us.

#5 Amazon: While Amazon mostly catches heat for killing off bricks-and-mortar retailers, many were more upset that they couldn’t access their services as the site experienced an outage. On June 14, Amazon reported a network outage caused by a power failure. While the downtime wasn’t as sizeable as the days of downtime reported in 2011, the outage still left many upset.

#4 Google Wallet: There’s seldom an area of our lives that Google doesn’t have a play in. If you’ve tried to use Google Wallet over the past month, you probably noticed there was a spell of downtime that prevented you from making purchases. On June 4, those with NFC-equipped phones found themselves unable to drop any ‘cash’ on purchases. Google restored the services within a few hours and continued to monitor to ensure their users had full spending power.

#3 Spotify: Popular music streaming service, Spotify, was not singing a happy tune as they experienced a brief outage on June 1. While it was difficult for many users to make it through the day without their playlists, the company recovered from the outage within the day and users were able to plug back in and sing their Friday songs without interruption.

#2 Facebook: There’s hardly a day that goes by without checking or posting something to Facebook. But when Facebook went down on June 1, users were looking for a “dislike” button to hit. Facebook’s outage began around 7 p.m. EDT, and was apparently so traumatic that the hashtag #RIPFacebook began trending on Twitter.

#1 Twitter: Speaking of Twitter, we’re giving them the #1 spot for this month. On June 21 the micro blogging site experience its largest outage in nearly eight months. According to tracking site Pingdom, Twitter had been enjoying 99%-plus uptime for every month this year and hit 100% in April. However, when this outage hit, users were left to contemplate how much they used the site as they were unable to tweet their frustrations for a few hours.