Last week I attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles. I went to a breakout session at the on financial services and capital markets, and something looked very familiar. But first, a back story. About a year ago, Stratus began relationship with Microsoft and S1 and we agreed to participate in SIBOS, a large Financial Services show in Amsterdam promoting our partnership with S1 and Microsoft to compete against ACI, and IBM partner, in the payment space. S1, Microsoft and Stratus combined were a powerful solution and gained many field engagements and wins in the financial services space. In the course of the partnership, we developed a white paper in conjunction with S1 for mission critical computing on Windows for the financial services market. Microsoft took the paper and promoted it to the field in the Academy Live presentation: a webinar program Microsoft uses by third party to reach out to their field, partners, or other audiences. The Redmond, WA-based Microsoft team, headed by Karen Topping Cone, was so impressed with white paper that they promoted it on their own website….and in their WPC show presentation. After the presentation, Patrick Cook, Director of Global Alliances for Financial Services came up to introduce himself, and we talked about the competition in mission critical banking. We also chatted about how entrenched IBM is in banking, and how Microsoft can win their uphill battle on reliability with the support of their partners, like Stratus and S1.